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these 2 did amazing though.
dj is our new savior and has been carrying us. theres so much he can do.
taj has been fighting so hard for every rebound and lose ball.




i stopped believing in things once trix cereal stopped being shaped like fruit

What if they still are shaped like fruit but trix is for kids and we’re not kids anymore so we just see boring cereal?


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Rush Hour (1998)
Disney Villains Asks
  • The Evil Queen: Something I want
  • Gothel: My age
  • Cruella: My favorite animal
  • Jafaar: Three wishes I would make
  • Ursula: My favorite song
  • Maleficent: Something that makes me angry
  • Hades: A goal for the future
  • Madam Mim: My favorite color
  • Queen of Hearts: The sports I play
  • Scar: How I get along with my siblings
  • Clayton: What I would do with a thousand dollars
  • Shan Yu: A country I want to visit
  • Gaston: Something I like about myself
  • Frollo: A guilty pleasure
  • Dr. Facilier: Do I believe in ghosts?
  • Madame Medusa: My birthstone
  • Lady Tremaine: Do I want kids?
  • Captain Hook: The story behind a scar I have
  • Syndrome: A superpower I want
  • Ratcliffe: A material possession that I love

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